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Why choosing an apprenticeship was right for me

My name is Francesca Partridge, I am a Digital Marketing apprentice at a digital marketing agency based in Northamptonshire. As a 20 year old hungry for a successful career and looking to get my foot in the door in the working world, I turned to apprenticeship provider, Starting Off, to help me find a new opportunity.

During my time at school studying A-Levels, I struggled to decide what was going to be best for me. All of my friends were applying for University, both my brother and sister went to Uni and so I felt like this was my only option. I took a year out and went travelling and when I came home I tried 2 different jobs that just were not right for me.

After sitting down and having a long hard browse, I came across Starting Off, the Northamptonshire based apprenticeship provider where I am currently doing my training. The apprenticeship training they offer is amazing and I am gaining a lot of knowledge and confidence and building up a good skill set. I joined Starting Off and within a week they had found me my dream job. They helped me prepare for interviews and supported me through the whole process and continue to support me.

During my first week as an apprentice it was brilliant to see how fast I developed within my role. I am getting real work experience as well as learning new skills and getting training from an industry full of professionals. Now I am a few months into my apprenticeship I can see how far I have come in such a short amount of time and how much I have grown and how much I am still growing; I know that this was definitely the best avenue for me. In my role I have enjoyed creating graphics for clients, meeting clients and going to different events. My job role includes everything I have wanted to do as a job and more.

If you are finishing your exams and unsure of your next step or if you are in a job and know it isn’t right for you, I would encourage everyone to consider this option. I will forever be thankful for the opportunities Starting Off have given me and continue to give me but as well as all of this I am also getting a qualification, working my way up and getting paid. Is there anything better?

To get in touch with Starting Off contact one of their offices: Northampton: 01604 622855 Kettering: 01536 417373