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Add a trained Team Leader to your pack without an extra recruit

According to the Institute of Learning and Management (ILM), poor people management is hitting the efficiency of UK businesses by an average of 8%, costing the UK PLC £84bn a year -a massive loss to the UK economy. One way to address this is the development of leadership skills at all levels within an organisation through apprenticeships. Research has shown that UK businesses are struggling to recruit skilled leaders and managers across all levels of an organisation and the UK has a significant and growing leadership and management skills gap. This contributes to poor productivity as managers and leaders do not receive formal training and development. According to the ILM, 87% of employers struggle to recruit staff who have the skills they need and of these, 38% highlight that management roles are the hardest to fill.

On the bright side, there is a solution to hand.

According to GOV.UK, 86% of employers said that apprenticeships have helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation, while 78% said apprenticeships improved productivity (Source: Apprenticeship Evaluation 2017: Employers). The apprenticeship evaluation also recognised the following benefits that apprenticeships can offer:

▪ Increased employee satisfaction

▪ Reduced staff turnover

▪ Reduced recruitment costs

According to the Apprenticeship EmployerHub, 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after completing an apprenticeship.

As we already know, the government has reformed the way in which an apprenticeship is delivered and training can be adapted to meet the needs of the organisation, driving the way to address skill shortages and provide an opportunity for employees to develop and progress within their careers. The Team Leader apprenticeship offered by Starting Off in Northampton, will support apprentices to build their knowledge surrounding leadership and management and to develop a range of management skills within a real working environment. This includes building leadership capability to motivate teams and influence with confidence. Individuals will also gain a broad understanding of key management and leadership theory to underpin and support growth and performance. This, in turn, benefits the employer as it allows for targeted learning and development in line with the ILM and the apprenticeship standard, which ensures that all learning is current and relevant.

Some facts from the Institute of Leadership and Management:

Who is it for?

The Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship is suitable for individuals who are working in a first-line management role.

They can be a new recruit or someone who is already in the role.

Key responsibilities may include:

▪ Supporting, managing and developing team members

▪ Managing projects

▪ Planning and monitoring workloads and resources

▪ Delivering operational plans

▪ Resolving problems

▪Building relationships internally and externally

Occupations may include:

▪ Supervisor

▪ Team Leader

▪ Project Officer

▪ Shift Supervisor

▪ Foreperson

▪ Shift Manager

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