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Is January a good time to recruit?

December 15, 2015

The mince pies are gone, the Christmas break is over and you’re back into the 9-5 routine. So, is this the right time to recruit? Well, in truth their isn’t a definite ‘best time to recruit’ however in the world of apprenticeship recruitment there is certainly times of the year when there are more candidates.

Inevitably people will look to the summer for an influx of young people who have finished school/college and are now looking for an apprenticeship. Meaning the winter months are generally disregarded, however every year we see an influx of candidates at this time of year who aren’t enjoying sixth form or college and are much more suited to a working environment. We are seeing a lot of these candidates registering with us at the moment so don’t forget about them, if you do you will be missing out on some very talented individuals.

Another definite advantage of recruiting in January is it gives your new employee time to settle in and get up to speed at the exact same time as your current members of staff are doing after the Christmas break. Giving an apprentice as much support as possible during their first few months is key.

So if you are looking to recruit an apprentice in January, you should be pleasantly surprised at the number of good quality candidates available.