Finding and training your future stars

It’s a great time to recruit an Apprentice

June 3, 2016

Summer is finally here! (Let’s hope the weather realises soon!)

As school and college students take their final exams, their thoughts will turn to the future. Of course parents will be drumming it into them that they need to know what they want to do, but as we all know that doesn’t always work. For the majority of A Level students it will be a choice between University or an Apprenticeship. Whereas GCSE students will be choosing between Sixth Form, College or an Apprenticeship.

With the well-documented rise of University fees and the development of Advanced Apprenticeships, the choice isn’t so clear-cut these days. In fact, we have seen a huge rise in the number of A Level students starting Apprenticeships through us. The days of everyone flooding to University are over.

As always there will be GCSE students who feel like they have outgrown school and are therefore looking for an apprenticeship. With both GCSE and A Level students looking for an Apprenticeship, you have a big pool of talented young people. And bar going on holiday (lucky them), they are available to start this summer!

Of course, having such a large number of apprenticeship seekers only comes around once a year. So, like a lovely hot summer’s day, don’t take it for granted!

If you are looking to recruit a future star this summer then get in touch via the website (www.startingoff.co.uk) or call us on either 01604 622855 or 01536 417373.