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Starting Off New Apprentice Q&A

Meet Lucy, our new Digital Apprentice here at All Things. She is fresh out of school after successfully completing her A Levels and has now decided to take on an apprenticeship with us. We sat down and spoke to Lucy on what made her decide to take up an apprenticeship over University and what she hopes to learn with us and training provider, Starting Off, over the next 18 months…

What A-levels did you study and how did you get on?

I studied Media, Business and ICT at Sponne School Sixth Form in Towcester and unlike the majority of my friends, I really enjoyed studying them. There were moments which were tough due to the strict deadlines, overpowering workload and almost impossible targets to reach, however it was such a relief once I’d made it through and got the results I worked so hard for.

I studied A levels which I enjoyed learning about and I think this was what really helped me to attain the grades I did. A Levels are said to be the biggest jump in workload in your education and I can agree! I found with A Levels that you have to have drive and determination to get the grades you want as a lot of time and effort needs to be put in, both in and out of the classroom. However, the 2 years I spent at sixth form have been the most amazing 2 years of my life so far. Even though working towards my A Levels at times seemed impossible, I wouldn't change it for a thing.

Why did you decide on an apprenticeship over university?

I decided to start an apprenticeship over going to University as I felt it was the best option for me. I didn't want to waste nearly £30,000 on a degree which may not be needed in my future. The industry I have started working in, I hope to work my way up to the same level as those holding a degree. There are many great opportunities for young adults starting apprenticeships as you are able to get industry experience as well as being able to go to places like Starting Off in order to learn for your NWQ. As well as all of this you are also being paid! I like that I am venturing into my new career and hope to go onwards and upwards.

How easy was it to look for local apprenticeship opportunities?

My school had a lady called Kier in from Starting Off one day and anyone who wasn't going to University could have a meeting with her to help kick start our journeys into the working world. From this informal meeting, I then went into their offices in Northampton for an interview which lasted around 40 minutes. I described to them the sort of apprenticeship I would like to be doing and what industry I wish to go into. I was quite specific with what I enjoy doing and I told them exactly what I was after. After this interview, Starting Off got back to me roughly 3/4 weeks later with the perfect job for me! I had the interview 1 day after I got back from my summer holiday and I started the apprenticeship nearly 2 weeks later. The entire process was simple and Starting Off really helped me to find an apprenticeship which I enjoy going to and am learning a lot from.

What are you hoping to get out of your apprenticeship?

I am hoping to learn a lot from my apprenticeship as even though I didn't go to university I still wanted to carry on my education. I was nervous to go from secondary school straight into the world of work so an apprenticeship was the perfect option for me. Being able to work in the industry in an apprenticeship is great as I am meeting people with industry knowledge and am learning from them. I hope to learn from my employers, be an asset to the company and grow with the company.

Where do you see yourself in 18 months time?

In 18 months time, I will have successfully completed my apprenticeship with All Things Management and will hopefully be able to continue working for the company. I hope to grow a lot over the course of starting my apprenticeship and feel more confident with the work I produce.

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