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National Apprenticeship Week 2021 - Meet Isla!

Isla joined Starting Off in July 2019 as an Apprentice Administrator studying Business Administration at Level 3.

Having left school with grades that could have taken her anywhere, Isla decided to take on an apprenticeship so she could earn money whilst continuing her education. Isla had personal goals she wanted to accomplish that required early financial stability. Whilst completely new to an office environment, Isla had self-sought experience within the beauty industry and equine care and had several achievements already that made her stand out at interview. Along with her interest, enthusiasm, and honesty, she was a perfect candidate for the apprenticeship programme.

Isla successfully completed her apprenticeship in October 2020, with exemplary work and test scores to reflect her efforts. She was offered a permanent role with no hesitation.

Isla brings a wealth of passion to the company; a desire to do great things and improve the world around her. Typically, an apprentice might offer the more experienced members of staff more time to work on business development, but Isla herself has been involved in and led projects that have improved the way we work and the service we offer. Having been a young apprentice, she has a great understanding of the journey our learners make and uses this knowledge to ensure we are doing the best by our learners. Her dedication to the programme and her work is reflected in her many achievements and regardless of the career path she chooses, I know she will do great things.

From her excellent first interview to today, Isla continues to impress and make an impression on our business in all the right ways. She is an absolute joy to have on our team and is a valued member of Starting Off. She is a shining example of why apprenticeships are an excellent choice for both companies and individuals!

Katie Allen, trainer, said:

“Isla demonstrated willingness to learn as well as the determination to do well during her apprenticeship training, she would always want to get the best outcome and the highest exam result she could. Her work was at a very high standard from the beginning and this was reflected in her every day role. Isla was taken on as permanent staff due to her good work ethic which is a great example of how an apprenticeship can set you up with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful within a job role or even progress with more responsibilities. Since achieving her apprenticeship she continues to support the training staff through her attention to detail and efficiency when carrying out tasks to help other departments out, which I for one am always grateful for.”

Lisa White said,

“Isla excelled in her 15 month Business Administration Apprenticeship. She started by setting high goals for herself, which in turn, she ended up achieving exceptionally well throughout. She had a brilliant attitude and was very dedicated to achieving her certificate at the end. Upon doing this she was offered a permanent position with Starting Off, so she continues to be a valued member of the family. She is appreciated by each and every one of the team and continues to excel in her development every day; even after completion of her course in September 2020.”

If you are interested in finding out about apprenticeships, please contact katie.goodall@startingoff.co.uk or call 01604 622855.