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My Apprenticeship Journey - Megan

After doing 1 year at sixth form I didn’t feel like it was the right path for me. I did my exams and went full time in a pub working. After an amount of time I realised that it was time to start thinking about my future and choosing a career path. I had heard of Starting Off from when I was still at school and had been previously but not necessarily worked out. But this time was different. They were really helpful and friendly when I went in, the process was easy, and they got me 2 interviews within the week, and it was really simple.

My interview for Anstee was the second one in the same day and I knew that that was the job I wanted as soon as my interview finished. Jane, the office manager and, Tina my colleague and trainer were in my interview, so I got to ask questions to them and find out a little more about the business. Starting off then rang me a few days later told me I have been offered the job. I was offered the job of an apprentice mortgage and protection administrator.

I chose to do a business administration level 3 NVQ and I’m so glad I did! There was ups and downs, times where I didn’t pass my exams and I got disheartened but my tutors and office manager Jane helped me to look past it and carry on. Although there have been some issues along the way I am glad that I have achieved the qualification. Doing his apprenticeship has allowed me to learn many things in my department, as well as other ones within the business.

I think an apprenticeship is a really good way of progressing, whether it be just for experience or in something you would like to do. They help you to figure out what you could see yourself doing in the future, and possibly what not. I think apprenticeships are really good for people who prefer to learn on the job but still want a good qualification at the end of it. Doing this apprenticeship in a career I had no knowledge about has really helped with my confidence. I enjoyed working on the job as well as going to college for half a day once, a week to get my functional skills in ICT, along with the learning the standard information for a business environment, e.g. health and safety procedures as well as bespoke documents businesses have and principles of business environments.

I have now completed my apprenticeship at the end of August 2019. It took me a total of roughly 17 months, and I have been offered a full-time job as a mortgage and protection administrator. I look forward to continuing to work with everyone at Anstee & Co and progressing in the future.