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Digital Marketing Apprenticeships launched!

Anybody can see that global monsters like Facebook and Google have changed our lives, both our personal and business worlds have accelerated into a digital stratosphere. One where information and content is instantly accessible, often in seconds of its creation.

We have been providing modules and training sessions on social media for a few years at Starting Off, but have been eager to provide a Digital Apprenticeship. We wanted to provide our learners with a really valuable qualification that is in high demand by local employers.

Until earlier this year, qualifications in this area were very limited and somewhat out of date, often being crammed into IT based ones. Then the Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship was released which is one of the new apprenticeships developed to new government standards. These new standards are really current and bang up to date, providing the learners and employers with great opportunities to gain knowledge that can really help businesses evolve their marketing and communications.

Laura, an experienced marketer is heading up the program for us. Laura is Google Squared qualified, something our learners will also be by the end of the 18 month course. It was important to us that our tutor had an in-depth knowledge of traditional marketing, ensuring that our training delivers the core principles of marketing, along with the modern digital methods.

Your apprentice will learn all the skills required to help promote your business on today’s channels. They will learn SEO, PPC and how to create HTML email shots, along with many other skills and techniques. More than that, they will be guided on how to create content that is visually and verbally crafted for your audience. They will not just be learning skills, but will be advised by a marketing professional on how best to achieve your marketing objectives.

If you feel your company needs a digital voice and is interested in learning more about how a Digital Marketing apprentice could help your business, please contact us on 01604 622855 or email reception@startingoff.co.uk