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Uni to an Apprenticeship

Back in May 2014, when I was preparing to study my GCSE’s, Northampton Apprenticeship provider, Starting Off, came to my school and did an assembly on what Apprenticeships they offer. They left leaflets and cards with their details on but I didn’t take any as I knew that I was going to study A-Levels.

From September 2014 to June 2016, I took my A-Levels and really didn’t enjoy it. Whilst everyone was applying to University, I realised that I really didn’t want to go to University and therefore, didn’t even apply. I ended up not trying with my courses, failing one subject and only getting two D grades in the others. After I had finished school, I continued working my part-time job as a waitress at a local hotel and asked if I could have more hours throughout the Summer.

Then, September 2016 hit. Everyone was getting ready to leave to go to University and it hit me that I had no plans. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, so I took an online career test…

One of the results on the test was Marketing and I thought that it sounded quite good. I then started to look at commutable Universities and their clearing courses (an Apprenticeship didn’t even enter my mind at this point). Luckily I found two courses, one at DMU and one at Northampton. A month later, I started my BA Advertising and Digital Marketing course at the University of Northampton. Perfect.

Skip to a year later, October 2017, I had smashed the first year at the University of Northampton and was heading into the second year. Two weeks into second year, I was bored. Sat in a room listening to a lecturer talk, it felt like A-Levels all over again, but this time I actually liked what I was studying. I didn't know what to do.

I wanted a more hands on approach to learning instead of being sat in a classroom all week. After speaking to my family and friends, I dropped out of University without a next step (I was still working my part-time job though).

So early November 2017 comes around and I’m still doing nothing. I start looking online for Marketing jobs and Apprenticeships and remembered Starting Off in Northampton from way back at school. I had a browse on their website and saw they offer Digital Marketing Apprenticeships. This was perfect, it’s what I wanted a career in! I’ll get paid and I’ll get the experience I need instead of doing a placement year. I registered my interest there and then.

Mid November, I go into the Starting Off Northampton office to complete a general Maths and English test and pass over all my qualifications. A week later, I get a call for a job interview which I didn’t end up getting but a week later I get another call for an interview which happens mid-December 2017. I got the job and was asked to start at the beginning of January. Things were beginning to turn around!

January 2018 – I started my new job for a home improvements company based in Wellingborough and went to the training room at Starting Off, for my 20% off the job training, for the first time.

Now in October 2018, I can honestly say the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was the best thing for me. I’m learning so much about Digital Marketing through the course and the workplace. I am learning something new every day and getting paid for it. I would recommend an Apprenticeship to everyone!

- Evie Sandall