Finding and training your future stars

From Apprentice to Manager – My journey.

I’d started with Action Express through Starting Off in 2011. I’d heard about Starting Off from a neighbour, who ended up being a close mentor. Action Express took me on as an apprentice, with the aid of Starting Off.

The scheme had been to support me as a young 18 year old. Going into work from school can be extremely challenging however with the support that Starting Off had given, it really did ease the way into working life. After my apprenticeship had finished with Starting Off, I had been fortunate enough to be kept on with Action Express as a Customer Service Advisor.

Through commitment and a supportive management team above me, I had been able to go through the ranks of the business, become the Customer Service Supervisor, and then Customer Service Manager by the age of 22. I’d kept this role for 18-24 months, until it had been agreed that I’d developed a good strong foundation of understanding the industry, to a point where I could take on the Sales Managers’ position.

I’d been the Sales Manager for 12 months, helping grow the business as well as supporting different departments at times. Being a SME, you really have to be involved in more than one department.

Recently, due to internal changes, I’d had a conversation with our MD, and had taken the decision to come back as the Customer Care Team Manager. Building a great level of experience, along with understanding all departments really built the position to support and grow others who were in my position at one time. I now run a department of 4, and am training our current Assistant Customer Care Team Manager to then take on the Manager’s role.

When the time is right for her to take this role on, the plan is for me to then be support to the Customer Care Team, as well as the Sales Department, offering understanding and experience in both areas.

Action Express have recently employed two more trainees through Starting Off.