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My Apprenticeship Journey

My name is Lucy Johnson-Watson and I’m a Digital Marketing Apprentice at a strategic digital marketing agency based in Northamptonshire. I applied to Starting Off after sixth form having studied ICT, Media and Business at A-Level. I knew I wanted to go into a creative industry using technology but I wasn’t 100% sure on the exact job title. Being a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I can safely say that my job role includes everything I ever wanted to do as a career.

I am currently doing my apprenticeship training with Starting Off which I’m enjoying and learning a lot from. The training they offer is excellent and I can already see a huge improvement in my digital marketing skills.

As well as enjoying my apprenticeship training, Starting Off is great as it’s in the town centre, meaning apprentices can easily travel there.

After A-Levels, all of my year, with the exception of 7 of us, went to University. The remaining 7 either took a gap year, went travelling or started an apprenticeship. Having so many people choose a different option to you can make you second guess yourself, however, I am relieved that I stuck with my gut and ventured into an apprenticeship.

In my first week as an apprentice I knew it was for me. I was getting real work experience as well as learning new skills from industry professionals, which I actually needed in my job role. Now I’m 10 months into my apprenticeship I can see how far I’ve come and the amount I’ve learnt over time. I’ve enjoyed meeting with clients to discuss their marketing campaigns as well as filming promotional videos for them to publish on their social media pages and websites.

To anyone out there who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship, go for it!

The opportunities I’ve been given have been incredible but as well as that, I am gaining a qualification from my apprenticeship training, getting industry knowledge, working my way up and getting paid.

To get in touch with Starting Off contact one of their offices: Northampton: 01604 622855 Kettering: 01536 417373