Finding and training your future stars

Do you know the next IT Specialist, Accountant, Digital Marketer or even Business Owner?

Many of our articles in All Things Business have been focused on the benefits for businesses taking on apprentices. In this article, we’re flipping it around and letting you know the benefits of apprenticeships for the apprentice because you may have an aspiring young professional close to you that this route could be for.

Starting a career at 16? It’s possible. Do you know a young person, aged 16-18, that’s unsure of what path to go down towards their career? Have they considered starting their career right now? You may know the next IT Specialist, Accountant, Digital Marketing or even Business Owner; they may be a son or daughter, a sibling, a family friend. If so, speak to them about apprenticeships.

An apprenticeship is a job with training that allows apprentices to gain qualifications equivalent to A-levels, and sometimes degrees, whilst getting started in their career straight away. Apprenticeships have become extremely popular in the business world and many businesses are looking to recruit more apprentices because of the value they add to their business.

Earn and learn

One of the most popular benefits of apprenticeships is the earn whilst you learn concept. Whilst learning on the job and gaining their qualifications, apprentices will also be earning a wage.

Gain real life work experience

From day 1, apprentices are gaining real life experience in their chosen career route; this is something that will always stand out on CVs when moving onto new roles.

Increased job opportunity

As mentioned above, the real life work experience will be an added bonus to CVs. In addition to this, many companies that take on apprentices will keep them on for permanent employment when they have completed.

If you know a young person that’s looking for their next route and would love to just jump straight into work, whilst gaining a qualification, tell them to get in touch with Starting Off. We offer apprenticeships in Digital Marketing, Accountancy, Business Administration, Customer Service and IT. For our Northampton office, call 01604 622855, or for our Kettering office, call 01536 417373. Alternatively, they can send us an email on reception@startingoff.co.uk.