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Further expansion of AAT at Starting Off

2020 is set to be a further year of growth for Starting Off’s AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) programme following the introduction of a more junior level of Apprenticeship for budding accountants.

Since the introduction of Apprenticeship Standards back in 2017, Apprentices have had to sign up to the Level 3 Assistant Accountant Standard as a minimum (doing some L2 bookkeeping training along the way) but now the Institute for Apprenticeships has approved a full Apprenticeship at Level 2 – perfect for new entrants to the profession.

Helen Deacon, Starting Off’s AAT Programme Manager is delighted with this latest development.

“Although the model of combining some Level 2 and Level 3 training within one Apprenticeship has been successful for us, the re-introduction of a full Apprenticeship at Level 2 will allow more access for GCSE school leavers and will allow employers to really focus on building staff up from more junior levels and have the chance to slowly integrate them into the full accounting work when they are more capable. We will still be able to fast-track more able candidates using the shorter Bookkeeping course as the entry route”.

The new Accounts/Finance Assistant Standard will give apprentices the chance to complete the full AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting. This includes a module on computerised accounting and Starting Off are going to be partnering with Xero to deliver the training using this increasingly popular software.

Starting Off’s recruitment divisions are increasingly being asked for Xero experienced personnel so this development will allow them the chance to offer a combined Xero/AAT course, both under the Apprenticeship scheme and as a stand-alone programme for job seekers and companies. Mike Day, Head of Learning Propositions at Xero UK comments that "Xero is very much looking forward to working with Starting Off. We find the team to be very forward thinking and switched on to the exciting developments in technology across bookkeeping and accounting and I personally love their thinking when it comes to how to integrate these developments in to relevant apprenticeships.

The new Level 2 courses will be available later this year. Please register your interest with helen.deacon@startingoff.co.uk.